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Children’s Ministry

Focuses on the spiritual growth and development of children through age-appropriate teaching, activities, and events.

Are you passionate about shaping the next generation and nurturing young hearts?

The Children’s Ministry is a place where you can make a significant impact on children’s lives.

As a member of this department, you will have the privilege of teaching biblical truths to children in a fun and engaging way, organizing exciting events and activities, and building lasting relationships with young minds.

By investing your time and energy in the Children’s Ministry, you will be sowing seeds of faith and helping children develop a strong foundation in Christ.

Join us in this ministry and experience the joy of seeing children grow in their love for Jesus while creating cherished memories along the way.

Ministry Leadership

Dr Alfred Otim – Pastor

Mrs. Sylvia Bukosia – Administrator


Ministry Events

Children Sunday 2023

A Great presentation of the children Ministry


Powerful Youth Camp at the beginning of the new Year

New Believers Baptism Service

New Believers in Jesus Christ are to be baptized on this date.

Deliverance Church Auditorium

Ministry Gallery

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