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Community Unit Fellowship

Facilitates small group gatherings for Bible study, prayer, and community building among church members.

Are you longing for deeper connections and a sense of belonging within the church community? The Small Groups Ministry  also called Community Units Fellowship is the place to be!

In this ministry, you will experience the joy of building authentic relationships through small group gatherings. These intimate settings provide a safe space for sharing, studying God’s Word, and supporting one another through life’s ups and downs.

Join a small group and discover a community where you can grow spiritually, receive encouragement, and make lasting friendships. In the Small Groups Ministry, you will find a place where you truly belong and can grow in your faith alongside fellow believers.

Ministry Leadership

Pr Alfred Otim – Pastor

Mrs Sylvia Bukosia- Admin


Ministry Events

Children Sunday 2023

A Great presentation of the children Ministry


Powerful Youth Camp at the beginning of the new Year

New Believers Baptism Service

New Believers in Jesus Christ are to be baptized on this date.

Deliverance Church Auditorium

Ministry Gallery

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